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Infrared Sauna


Sweating is one of the body’s most natural ways to eliminate toxins, making it a crucial part of detoxification.When compared to traditional Swedish saunas, infrared saunas allow you to eliminate about seven times more toxins.


Infrared sauna therapy promotes relaxation by helping to balance your body’s level of cortisol, your body’s primary stress hormone. The heat generated by the sauna will also help to relax muscles and relieve tension throughout the body, allowing you to relax and de-stress.

Pain Relief

If you suffer from muscle aches or joint pain, infrared saunas can relieve this form of inflammation by increasing circulation and relaxing your muscles.

Skin Purification

Infrared sauna technology can help purify your skin by eliminating toxins from your pores and increasing circulation,resulting in clearer, softer, and healthier-looking skin.

Improve Circulation

As the heat from infrared saunas increases your core body temperature, your circulation will increase along with it. Consistent infrared sauna sessions, especially in the middle-infrared level, can stimulate blood flow, improve muscle recovery, and decrease pain and inflammation after intense exercise.

Weight Loss

The heat generated by an infrared sauna will cause your core temperature to increase, which leads to a higher heart rate, it essentially mimics the effects of exercising. Your body works harder to lower your core temperature as a result of the increased heart rate, resulting in more calories being burnt and weight loss. An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded, 30-min of infrared sauna could burn 600 calories.

couple sitting in a sauna

Our Infrared saunas are an excellent source of relaxation and therapy.

Many people are accustomed to traditional saunas and how to use them for maximum health benefits. Here are a few suggestions for using our infrared sauna to maximize your enjoyment and well-being.

Good to go

Our Infrared saunas are turned on and allowed to pre-heat before you enter the sauna room. So Your body will heat up as soon as you enter the room.

Easy in

It is recommended that initial infrared therapy sessions should last no longer than 30 minutes. Experienced users can take upto 60min sessions.


Laying a towel on the bench will help keep the sauna wood clean and free from staining. It will also make the infrared sauna experience more comfortable for you, allowing you to stay longer.

Ramp up

If your body is not used to an infrared sauna environment, it may take a few sessions for you to condition your body to sweat during an infrared session. Once you go through this initial “ramp up” period, you will find your body heating up more quickly and sweating toxins at a more rapid pace.


You are in fact in a sauna environment so hydration is important to aid in detoxification, it will also allow you to remain in the sauna for longer. Sweating helps the body rid the body of toxins, thereby reducing the workload of the liver. The deeper penetration of an infrared sauna causes you to sweat more than in a traditional sauna.

Keep at it

Some users will take longer to sweat in an infrared sauna - don’t give up! Because infrared is designed to heat your body differently than a traditional sauna, you are in fact receiving the systemic benefits the minute you enter your infrared sauna.