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About Us

In 2014, I became fascinated with the concept of floatation therapy, which has become an increasingly popular wellness service. Despite my eager search for local floatation therapy services, finding a float tank or float spa near me proved challenging. This unmet need for convenient access to floatation therapy services spurred a new venture during a short vacation to Devon.

My partner and I decided to detour to London to try out a session at Float Works, one of the well-known floatation therapy providers. The sensory deprivation tank experience was nothing short of transformative, offering us an hour of deep tranquillity that enriched our entire holiday.

After returning home, our desire for another sensory deprivation therapy session rekindled. We recognized a significant demand in our local area for such therapeutic services, including sensory deprivation tanks and float pods. This insight led us to pioneer a local solution to meet this growing demand for floatation therapy.

Our vision led us to discover the perfect location – Redmayne Lodge. This property embodied the tranquil and therapeutic essence we envisaged for our floatation therapy centre. Following in-depth discussions with the property owners, we decided to convert the existing office complex into Redmayne Lodge Ltd, a comprehensive Complementary Therapy Centre.

Even before securing official planning approval, our floatation therapy centre attracted significant interest from local therapist’s keen on renting rooms. The first phase of development included two floatation rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art float pods and an Epsom salt float tank, as well as a FAR Infra-Red sauna room, all managed by the Yorkshire Floatation Centre.

We didn’t stop there. Our therapy centre also offers a diverse range of wellness treatments. From Colonic Hydrotherapy and Reflexology to a wide selection of massages and aesthetic services provided by our in-house nurse, we have it all. Our full-service hair salon, complete with multiple stylists and beauticians, offers an extensive range of treatments to cater to all our clients’ beauty needs.

Recently, we’ve taken another leap in advancing our service offerings. We’ve incorporated cutting-edge technologies like 3D body scanning and body composition analysis to our wellness services. We strive to provide the best floatation therapy and complementary wellness services in the region, making your search for a ‘float spa near me’ a thing of the past.