Explore your creative intelligence

The secret to creativity is uninterrupted solitude. Creativity thrives when you’re floating as you are deeply relaxed yet highly focused.

The pod is a remarkably peaceful environment for allowing you to free your mind from distraction, activate full consciousness, achieve creative visualisation, reach high levels of thinking and explore objective reasoning.

You can sharpen your mind and explore the true potential of your inner creativity.

Harness the power of your mind

Every moment of life is experienced through your mind yet the modern world clouds this precious resource by forcing it to constantly process information.

The mind without sensory input is enhanced. The pod is a modern learning environment that allows you to achieve unprecedented levels of focus, access resources of your mind that are usually bombarded and absorb and retain information quickly.

You can expand your learning potential and evolve your mind.

pod closed blue lights coming from it

How it can Help..

  • IncreaseMental clarity, focus, alertness, energy levels, personal motivation & productivity.
  • ExplorePossible directions of consciousness, mindfulness, objective & introspective thinking.
  • EnhanceBrain performance due to hyper synchronisation of right (creative) & left (analytical) lobes.
  • IncreaseCognitive health, learning capacity, reasoning, speed of thought & creative spurts.
  • Reach Theta brain waves – optimal for creativity due to exceptional visualisation, inspiration & insight.
  • Reach Alpha brain waves – optimal for learning due to heightened concentration, memory & problem solving.
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